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What To Do About Infections
Keep your skin clean.

Clean any minor cuts with soap and water, lightly apply an antimicrobial ointment and a bandage. Keep the bandage clean and dry.

For minor skin infections, use an antimicrobial soap when showering or bathing.
If you have trouble healing up skin infections, go to your doctor or a clinic. In that text after the line about see your doctor I would like to add this entry: If you develop a fever, intense pain, flu like conditions, nausea & vomiting or swelling, go to the emergency room immediately.

For more info on current Infection Legislation, visit:

If you are having surgery, make sure your surgeon sees any infection sites.
A good antimicrobial soap for skin infections is one which contains: Chlorhexidine gluconate. These can be found at your local drug store. Many surgeons want their patients to use this soap before they come to a hospital to have surgery.